South Sound Home Loans offers a full selection of Conventional, Veteran’s Administration Loan (VA), Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and US Department of Agriculture Single Family Home Loans (USDA) mortgages to purchase a home. Listed below is a summary of these programs:

Conventional Purchase Loans

FHA Loans

VA Loans

USDA Loans

Other Loan Programs


Refinancing your existing first (and second) mortgages to lower the interest rate and/or term, paying off debts, get cash for any reason, or any combination of the above depends on how much of a loan you need and the current value of your home (loan-to-value), your credit scores, and your current income and debts. Below is a summary of refinance loans we offer:

No appraisals are required for Streamline VA and FHA refinances and Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) loans. Some conventional rate/term refinances may also not require an appraisal. Loan to value may not be a factor for these types of loans.

Cash-out refinances to consolidate first and second, pay off debts or to get cash will require a current appraisal. The following are loan limits for these types of loans:

The best refinance rates depend on your credit scores and the Loan to Value needed. Generally, a middle score of at least a 660-680 will qualify for a good rate, scores over 740 the best rate, and we can do refinances with scores as low as 580, however these rates will be higher.

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Reverse Mortgages

South Sound Home Loans offers Reverse Mortgages to seniors to pay-off an existing mortgage, take out cash for any reason, set-up a monthly payment plan as needed, or get a Line of Credit. Reverse mortgages can even help down-sizing seniors purchase a new home and not have payments. This is an FHA loan guaranteed by the government.

Key Features:

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